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   On Location for Caterpillar in the Pilbara , North Central Western Australia


Advertising and Commercial Photographer

Chris Cassar has always had a deep passion for creative photography. He purchased his first SLR camera at age twelve. As a young teenager he spent days and nights in a 1.2x1.2 M2 pantry converted to a darkroom - processing film, hand enlarging black & white prints as well as experimenting and refining other photographic techniques.



           Chris with his first Hasselblad camera (around 16yrs of age)


At seventeen, Chris entered the professional photography scene as a junior assistant with one of Melbourne’s leading commercial / industrial / advertising studios. He went on to work for a number of high profile commercial advertising photography studios until 1994 when he launched his own freelance creative photography business – Chris Cassar Photography Pty Ltd.



                                                                                               Industrial shoot for Sims Metals


The business was an instant success, winning a number of awards, and securing prestigious contracts from many of Australia’s leading corporations and advertising agencies as well as direct to clients.

Specialising in Corporate and Private Events, Annual Reports, Industrial, Mining, Manufacturing, Catalogue / Brochure, Construction, Architectural, Portrait, Automotive, Location and Studio, Still life, Commercial, Advertising photography.




                   On assignment for Telstra in the Victorian high country


Chris has a wealth of photographic experience. His style is intuitive and finely evolved. He views his professional career as a vocation rather than a job. Chris is highly passionate about the creative process, and loves the intellectual challenge of interpreting a client’s idea, product or place - transforming it into a dynamic image that conveys a strong visual message which informs and inspires the viewer.

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